Getting Started

What is the difference between Data Source 1 and Data Source 2?

Both data sources contain equally good quality data and contain the same fields. However both data sources use slightly different conventions for some fields. We maintain each source separately to ensure that these conventions do not get mixed. For the most leads possible, it is recommended to search search both data sources.

How do I purchase a list?

Each available list has an option to get a quote. When you choose to get a quote, our sales team will receive your inquiry and reach out to you within a few business days to complete the purchase.

What happens after the purchase?

After the purchase is complete, the list will be processed. Processing times vary widely depending on the size of the list. After a list has finished processing, it will be available to your account.

Why doesn’t my custom list have a count?

Newly created custom lists will be entered without a count so that we can get an exact count for the list you created. This will typically be the same count was estimated on the custom list creation page.

What do the statuses mean on “Your Lists”?

Pending - Our sales team has received your inquiry and will reach out to you soon. Processing - Building - The list is currently being built by our servers. Processing - Counting - We can counting the number of matching records according to your query Purchased - The purchase was successful, and is currently waiting to be processed. Available - The list is available for download.

How are lists updated?

Lists are updated on our server and will automatically replace the old list.

How often are lists updated?

Lists are checked for an update each day - if we find more records that fit the needs of your list, we will add them to the your list.